Mama Sol

"Work extra hard...
Keep faith in God.
The stars don't make the light,
The light is what creates a star."

Mama Sol is the voice of the 2021 Detroit Pistons 'We Hustle Different' campaign, a national hip-hop and spoken word artist, transition trainer, humanitarian, two-time breast cancer survivor, publisher, single mother, and workshop facilitator.  

Born and raised in Flint, Michigan, Mama Sol is no stranger to adversity, yet she remains on a constant mission to see, bear and be Light! She has made motivating and assisting people her life’s work.

Sol’s distinct style of delivery combines her love of lyrics, rhyme and music with her love for youth. She electrifies audiences, urging them to see beyond their circumstances, to choose solutions over excuses. Counteracting the negativity often associated with hip-hop, Sol uses her extraordinary gift and passion for words to encourage others towards self-love, uplifting perspectives, and greater purpose.


'Keep up the great work my sister. In a good and just world, you would be the #1 rapper on the charts.'
- @natturnerx65

Love our sister @mamasolmusic and her bright handsome son. You my sister are a rare find.  Keep enlightening all generations and teaching while you organize your words.  I love how you keep your son on point...much respect and love.
- MC Lyte

Mama Sol's presence is always enlightening.  She never fails to build, uplift, and inspire crowds. Each time we bring her out for an event we can't wait for her to return.
- University of Michigan

The world needs a FIX and Mama Sol is the CURE! What she speaks changes the atmosphere and breathes life into our souls. Her potential is untapped. She's a talent that can't be contained.
- Revolt TV

Remember the name! The message in her music is what is needed in the world today. She stands for some­thing and is not afraid to show it.
- Chosen Musicians

"God has given us an orator that is able to touch our hearts & shape our thinking. We are blessed to hear one of the best wordsmiths of this era! Keep sharing light Sol! The world needs you!"
- Bishop Urundi Knox

Mama Sol is a leader, visionary, musician, and poet intertwining her powerful message throughout her music and spoken word...she exceeded all expectations and her message of finding strength and power in the struggle is universal.

Mama Sol is a phenomenal artist! She has performed during our annual Black History Program since 2013. Mama Sol's performance is captivating, educational, and uplift­ing. Her music is truly powerful.
- Job Corps

Another beautiful performance at The Michigan Fatherhood Conference. You always inspire me & I was glad that through your music & spoken word that you were able to inspire so many others. Not many women can bring a man to tears. Thank you!
- Mike Kildee, President Michigan Fatherhood Coalition


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