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As a Teacher & Mentor, Mama Sol has mothered so many for so long. She assures that it was teaching that prepared her for parenthood & taught her the importance of being an example of good.

According to Mama Sol, "Parenthood is the hardest job you'll ever Love.", & as a single mother rearing a young man, she truly commends the men committed beginning to end.

Motherhood has inspired some of Sol's most profound compositions, "MANHOOD" , which is a tribute song to active fathers, was recognized by Congressman Mike Kildee & the Michigan Fatherhood Coalition. Mama Sol was a keynote performance for the Michigan Fatherhood Conference for several years & received their Special Recognition Award in 2016.

Mama Sol's "SONS", a song encouraging single-mothers to stay strong, gained global recognition & received over 1,000,000,000 views on social media. 

My mom was never the best influence, I've looked to @mamasol for a strong female influence and she fulfilled that amazingly.

Sol Human...

Mama Sol visited several refugee camps in Somalia & Nairobi, Kenya during the midst of famine & drought; because of her extensive community work, she was offered a position as a United Nations Ambassador. Sol has been a voice of reason on BBC World News Kenya & a feature on Al Jazeera America's "Growing up in Americas most dangerous city, Flint" . Sol's compositions deal with subjects like Flint's blight problem "ABANDONED" & Flint's ongoing water crisis "HARD TO SWALLOW". Despite the many obstacles & adversities she has encountered, Flint's native daughter has shown the world that fresh water does, indeed, flow in some of the rockiest places.

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Mama Sol does things that no other artist can. Heal.
- David Tarver, President of the Urban Entrepreneurship Initiative

Sol Speaks...

Mama Sol is an activist whose message extends across the globe. Sol has been welcomed to speak at several Job-Corps, schools, colleges, universities, churches, museums, prisons & detention-centers. Sol has a unique style in delivery that is unseen by todays motivational speakers. Lyrically, Sol has specialized skills with blending hip-hop & spoken word into motivating metaphors delivered in rhythm & rhyme that leaves the youth on the edge of their seats! Her most requested presentation is her "YOU ARE" speech & her collaborative workshop series entitled the "SELF-SERIES" focusing on the "SELFIE" & who is truly capturing & defining your "SELFIE" (Self- Love, Self- Discipline & Self Respect).

Sol always asks, "What is the desired outcome of me speaking to your group?" ... once this is clear, Sol delivers.

Let Mama Sol tailor her message for your audience!


Sol prides herself on being an excellent & effective parent by supporting the "WHOLE" child; yielding the results outsiders praise. She speaks to young parents & especially "Single" parents in a way that ONLY a successful single-mother can!


Mama Sol specializes in Transition Training and feels a deep need to reach people during periods of transition (ex. grade school - middle school / high school - college or young adulthood / from darkness to light). Mama Sol encourages The Value of the Vision (Turning Thoughts to Things) & the Keys to Transformation & Change.


Life is full of valleys & peaks, Mama Sol feels that it is in the valley where we must muster our greatest strength & develop our deepest faith; which cannot be done without "SELF-LOVE". As a LIGHT-WORKER she can move the most unmotivated, sunken spirit to becoming a bright light of their own.

LIFE: Before & After Cancer

As a Vegan & firm believer in holistic healing, Mama Sol enlightens audiences on the importance of balancing mind, body & spirit & on Recognizing, Acknowledging & Removing Toxins from the mind, body & spirit. According to Sol, healing starts in the mind, as she states, "You never go without, when you go within."

As a Director for college programs I've brought many artists to our campus, but there has only been one that students request to hear every year & that's Mama Sol. Her message, music & movement reaches students from different cultures & nationalities. Thank you for bringing "soul" to the campus!

-Stephanie Jones, Associate Director
Office of Multicultural Student Initiatives
Kettering University

Let Mama Sol tailor her message for your audience!

Lyrical Sol...

Sol had the privilege of writing for FUBU The Collection, alongside video extraordinaire Hype Williams at a very young age.  It was this opportunity that affirmed Sol's desire to become a full-time writer and use her literature to inspire & uplift the masses. Even while battling cancer, Sol was writing & performing. While pregnant, Sol was writing & performing. She has shared mics, stages & exchanged lyrics with musicians & artists such as Rakim, Destiny's Child, Stevie Wonder, George Clinton, MosDef, Talib Kweli, Tank, Dead Prez, Snarky Puppy & many others. Sol has not forgotten the promise she made long ago, to be a positive light in the world. With every song, every video, every performance, and every speaking engagement, we to, are reminded of the promise.

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Notable Sol song writings

- Michigan State Mens Basketball 2000 National Championship song
- 40 year Anniversary for the Crim Foundation "I Crim for Flint" song
- 80 year Anniversary for UAW Sit- Down Strike (Sloan Museum) song

Notable Sol performances

- Mel-Chin "All Over the Place" exhibit @ Queens Museum (Queens, New York) opening
- "30 Americans" exhibit @ the Detroit Institute of Arts opening
- Congresswoman Maxine Waters "Ain't I a Woman" luncheon (Detroit, MI) opening
- 33 Annual Detroit African World Festival @ Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History headliner

Sol Survivor...

While working alongside music video extraordinare Hype Williams on FUBU's television commercials, Mama Sol received the devastating diagnosis of Breast Cancer, which brought that chapter to a close. As a result, Sol returned to her beloved hometown to undergo multiple surgeries. Believing in the resiliency of her body to detox the toxins, she refused chemotherapy and "traditional" medication and agreed to only radiation. She endured radiation for three long months and it took five years for her to fully return to her energetic self. Sol's story reminds us that as long as we have breath, there is no end to our work, and she exemplifies this daily through her hard work and dedication to help create a better space for all humans. She is a vegan and firm believer in holistic healing that enlightens audiences on the importance of balancing mind, body & spirit; and on Recognizing, Acknowledging & Removing Toxins from the mind, body & spirit.


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