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MAMA SOL & THA N.U.T.S. (New Under The Sun) is a Michigan based Hip-Hop/ Neo Soul band committed to breaking the Self-Destructive cycle of mainstream Hip-Hop. Their vision is for a world prioritizing education, responsibility, and art. That vision drives each syllable, synonym, rhythm and rhyme they create. The band features a collective of 4 musicians, background vocalist,lead MC & a DJ.


Mama Sol- Lyricist, Poet, Motivational Speaker

George “G. Dash” Warren – Keyboards, Organ, Piano

Andreious “Dre” Reed- Keyboards

Famadou Konate Keita- Precussion, Jembe, Congas

Antwain “Bug” Kirkland- Bass, Saxaphone

Ronald “DJ Juice” Hopson- Turntables, Sarato, Maschine

The group decided on the Project Title “INSIDE OUT” in reflection of the choice words…messages…meanings & motivation behind the songs chosen to embody this particular piece of work. Song list includes titles such as THANKFUL… INTUITION… MANHOOD… REBEL… DREAM ON… BIRDS EYE VIEW… COOL KIDS.  ALL of the songs on this project came from a place of internal peace, love and light. Sol feels that meditation is absolutely necessary to hear a Universal energy speak to you, and before that level of energy can manifest through song an internal sense of peace must be established.

-“You Never go Without, when You go Within.”-SOL (THANKFUL)

We cant wait on external gifts and rewards …every treasure, every jewel of WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE you obtain INTERNALLY/SPIRITUALLY allows you to begin to see the outer world in a newer, brighter light. It was a journey Inside that allowed us to compose from the perspective heard on these records. In return, Mama Sol & Tha N.U.T.S. have been able to transmit that light through sound & be a beacon of love & hope for others.

-”A friend taught me if I change the way I look at things , the things I look at change & amazingly I now see growth whenever God sends clouds and rain.”-SOL (INTUITION)

-“You be Who your Proud Of, Plant your own Garden, don’t wait for their Flowers.” –SOL (Cool Kids) .

-“They took the Path, I took the Grass & Made my Own Lane.” –SOL ( Birds Eye View)

Front woman,Mama Sol, is a mother, breast cancer survivor, humanitarian, motivational speaker & spoken-word artist. She was also an honors student and college athlete. She earned a basketball scholarship from Eastern Michigan University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology and Sociology. In the 1990’s Sol worked at FUBU at its peak, helping to develop advertisement for the company. She worked alongside music video extraordinaire, Hype Williams on FUBU’s television commercials. After a 5 year bout with Breast Cancer Sol earned a job, as a Lead Teacher & the Director of Special Education, at an African-Centered school on Detroit’s Eastside; Timbuktu Academy of Science and Technology. Her experience teaching had a major impact on her life as a person and artist. She made a commitment to be a positive impact on the world by ensuring her words are honest but responsible

Mama Sol is an activist whose message extends across the world. She says it’s her work abroad that has truly touched her. Mama SOL has performed in Dubai, Qatar, and Kenya. In 2011 she visited several refugee camps in Somalia and Nairobi, Kenya in the mist of the famine. She had such a positive impact on the community that she was offered a position as a United Nations ambassador. Her experience in Africa inspired her to create the Bring L.I.F.E. Foundation, which stands for Love, Inspiration, Food and Education. The foundation is in its early stage of development but is a project that is near and dear to her heart.


BBC World News (Nairobi, Kenya)

Al Jazeera America (AMERICA NOW) “Growing up in Americas most Dangerous City, Flint”

University of Michigan-Flint “Annual Leadership Conference”

Florida International University “Annual Martin Luther King Youth Commemorative Forum”

Michigan Network for Youth and Families & The Connections Youth Council “Annual Youth Summit”, an

Event for Homeless & at Risk Youth

Ruth Mott Foundation “Sister to Sister Summit”

Thumb Correctional Facility “Kwanzaa Celebration”

Starr Commonwealth Transformational Program “There’s No Such Thing as a Bad Child”


12th Annual Michigan Fatherhood Conference

African Liberation Day Detroit, Michigan

The Groovy Project “Bringing Arts Back into the Schools” Beecher High School

University of Michigan-Flint “Take Back the Night” Domestic Violence Awareness

Jessica Care-Moores Black Women Rock

Flint Institute of Arts “THE PARTY” Annual Fundraiser

Flint Institute of Arts MLK Day Celebration

Linden Charter Academy Black History Month Celebration

Flint Public Library’s Orlando J. Roberts Concert Series


Talib Kweli
Dead Prez
Mos Def
Diggy Simmons
Destiny’s Child
Raphael Saadiq
Cee-lo Green
The legendary George Clinton

“Music, I feel, is a voice for the voiceless and a universal language we can all relate to. It is a vehicle that can drive a message into the souls of my listeners, which in return, can assist in their reason for being, their thinking in terms of unity, freedom and peace amongst one another as brothers and sisters — breaking both racial and gender barriers.” – SOL


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